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ABOUT 1863

1863 Ventures accelerates New Majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. Our programs focus on providing access to markets, management training and money. We seek to create community and confidence to support the growth of our members – individually and professionally.



Statistics show that women and entrepreneurs of color struggle to secure capital – debt or equity – in order to grow their businesses. Therefore, we have decided that supply chain contracts, technology scouting, and merger and acquisition / joint venture opportunities are a more effective and expeditious way to secure valuable non-dilutive capital, increase the value of the company, and help create jobs.

Ecosystems around the world are experiencing a rise in demand for accelerators that provide resources to scalable businesses; corporations are embracing this new model for reducing fixed costs related to the supplier base and supporting open innovation. To date entrepreneurs of color are overlooked and underserved in these current systems. More specifically, there is a lack in the market of accelerators focused on supplier diversity and tech scouting, especially for new majority entrepreneurs.

The Pipeline Program actively recruits and retains a pipeline of investment ready businesses who can scale through supply chain contracts, tech scouting and M&A/JV opportunities.

Program Design

1863 Ventures will host its inaugural national accelerator program targeting New Majority entrepreneurs in Washington, DC in 2019. We welcome entrepreneurs from across the country to apply.

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Eligible entrepreneurs will be women and people of color who have been in business from 1-5 years, engaged full time in the business (preferred), have sector experience, are coachable, articulate a willingness to scale, and whose business has customer traction, market validation and evidence of revenue. While our preference will be to accept businesses in the $500k to $1.5M range, we will consider entities on either side of the range who we believe can benefit from the program.

The Accelerator Program will couple MBA style coursework with insight on growth strategies across a variety of sectors. The cohort will participate in group learning, be segmented by sector for critical strategies, and receive coaching support and access to experts throughout the course of the program. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs learn what really works in supporting businesses to scale, and how they can embed these practices within their companies.


The Accelerator will take place over a 4-month period with a one-week intensive residency required in Washington, DC. We will implement a cohort-driven, training program that will focus on product-market fit and addressing the various needs of both product and service suppliers. The participants will be supported through one on one office hours with experienced entrepreneurs and investors, advice from corporate mentors through partnerships, and access to subsidized services from our in-house professional services support team comprised of legal, tax, accounting and marketing experts

Our goal is to help eligible businesses sufficiently prepare to increase contract opportunities and successfully scale their businesses. Each entrepreneur will leave the program with an actionable implementation plan specific to their businesses’ growth and development.

The residency program will be book ended with pre- and post-accelerator workshops, virtual mentoring, rigorous evaluation and assessment, local events and online training modules. The program will culminate with a graduation ceremony during the residency program.



Applications are now open for potential participants. Below please find a calendar of activities; please note that some items are subject to change.

January 26, 2019 | Application Process Closes

Through February 2019 | Application Review/Interviews

March 1, 2019 | Applicant Notification

Through March 29, 2019 | Pre-Accelerator Onboarding and online training

April 21 - 27, 2019 | Residency Accelerator

Through June 28, 2019 | Post-Accelerator Coaching

July 8 through July 26, 2019 | Post-Accelerator Assessment and Exit Interviews



We expect all accepted entrepreneurs to actively participate in the pre- and post-accelerator work virtually, as well as attend the residency program for the entire week of programming – from Sunday to Saturday. We will cover all meals and lodging while in DC; entrepreneurs are responsible for travel expenses only.

We also have funding to provide capital to select entrepreneurs based on their progress and participation in the program. Final decisions for investment will be made following the residency component of the program.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, then please email us at melissa@1863ventures.net or phil@1863ventures.net.


We look forward to meeting you!