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1863 Ventures Community

It all started when...

The journey for every entrepreneur is different. Some start with an idea when they are 12 while others when they are 80, some focus on services and others on tech. While the journey varies, the basic components of community remains fairly constant. "How do we plug into a community that can support me and my crazy idea?" and "What resources are around to help me?"

1863 Ventures is committed to connect you to the various support channels to help move your needle forward. Now, not everything may be a good fit, and that's okay. What matters most is that you are aware of them, in case it does become relevant one day.

A few of the FREE resources that you can access right now:

  • 18 63 Ventures Facebook Group [launch]
    An amazing network of new majority founders and leaders to help you with feedback and support along the way.

  • 1863 Ventures Digest [see below]
    A weekly newsletter of the latest opportunities, from programs to curated events.

There are more, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Whether you join us in the above channels, a partner program or a community event, we hope it adds value and helps you move along your entrepreneurial journey. Any questions, post it in the Facebook Group.

See you soon.

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