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Research shows that many disadvantaged businesses – run by historically marginalized populations - have far more risk than other entrepreneurs as they are depending on a patchwork of contacts and capital to advance their ideas. Often their own lack of economic security is a barrier to running a successful business.

Capitalizing on the historic levels of economic development activity in the nation’s capital 1863 works with businesses to help them leverage the investments being made in DC by preparing them – personally and professionally - for significant growth opportunities. The project provides hands on training, capacity building, mentoring and networking. Through the provision of training and support, with a laser focus on business and financial capacity, the program seeks to catalyze business expansion in the city, with preference for Wards 7 and 8.

For businesses with revenue under $250,000 annually, 1863 offers a 12-14 week program that offers basic and intermediate workshops to help entrepreneurs identify and attain modest to moderate growth. This program is offered to cohorts up to 100 entrepreneurs.


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Accelerate 500 supports businesses seeking high growth opportunities within the next year, and have at least one to two years of significant market share and customer traction in the region. The program provides an accelerated 8-week program that provides intensive content, exercises and application of scale strategies in the areas of sales, finance, human resources and operations. 

The program is competitive and only select businesses can participate in the cohort. If you wish to discuss our selection criteria and your potential participation, then send an email with an overview of your business to programs@1863ventures.net; we will be back in touch as soon as possible to schedule an interview.


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Project 500™ is committed to supporting community based organizations become financially sustainable. We have developed a 7-module training program focused on organizational sustainability. The program includes online and offline training, 1-1 office hours and customized assistance related to fundraising and capacity building. 

Over the course of the program, the participants will have access to the following workshops:

  1. Getting Your House in Order – review of vision, mission, business model and governance

  2. Mini Strategic Planning – program planning and scale for the future

  3. Critical Policies & Procedures – creating supports to insure compliance and capacity

  4. Financial Planning – budgeting and projections for the organization

  5. Metrics & Evaluation – developing tools to monitor the organization and its programs

  6. Grant Writing – tools, techniques and resources for writing successful proposals

  7. Fundraising – examination of diverse funding sources to support sustainability

This content will include workshops, exercises & application, online resources and reading materials. In addition to the aforementioned workshops, participants will have access to 1-1 office hours to receive customized assistance related to fundraising and capacity building.

The goal of the program is for participants to successfully apply and retain funding towards organizational sustainability. 

Due to the short nature of the training program your full participation is required for the program to work for you. If you are interested in participating in the program, we ask that you complete the survey. Your honest responses will help tailor the program and ideally yield better results for you and your organization.


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